My name is Monique Wilson, and this is my site.  I have just begun a major transformation of it.  Over the last couple of years I began to notice that the information here was no longer relevant.   Ten years is a long time, and in the last ten years, my work has changed quite a bit.

To reflect these changes?  I am transforming the site.  Please be patient…and in the meantime…I hope this information helps you.

The Healing Sessions I offer provide an integration of over 25 years of training, knowledge, and experience.

The sessions also include my full presence, and my committed, compassionate, honest heart.

Sessions are guided intuitively… by you, an myself.  Using any of the skills we feel are called for.

To contact me:  Please Email – achievingpeaceofmind@shaw.ca    or Phone- 604 462-8220

I am located in Maple Ridge, BC.   Canada